hardened concrete

hormigón endurecido m

English-Spanish architecture and construction dictionary. 2013.

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  • Concrete mixer — This portable concrete/mortar mixer has wheels and a towing tongue so that it can be towed by a motor vehicle and moved around the worksite by hand, and its rotation is powered by mains electricity. The lever allows the concrete/mortar to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Concrete degradation — may have various causes. Concrete can be damaged by fire, aggregate expansion, sea water effects, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, physical damage and chemical damage (from carbonation, chlorides, sulfates and distilled water). This process …   Wikipedia

  • concrete — [adj1] actual, factual accurate, corporeal, definite, detailed, explicit, material, objective, particular, precise, real, sensible, solid, specific, substantial, tangible; concept 535 Ant. abstract, ideal, immaterial, intangible concrete [adj2]… …   New thesaurus

  • concrete — (adj.) late 14c., actual, solid, from L. concretus condensed, hardened, thick, hard, stiff, curdled, congealed, clotted, figuratively thick; dim, lit. grown together; pp. of concrescere to grow together, from com together (see COM (Cf. com )) +… …   Etymology dictionary

  • concrete — concretely, adv. concreteness, n. concretive, adj. concretively, adv. /kon kreet, kong , kon kreet , kong / for 1 10, 11, 14, 15; /kon kreet , kong / for 12, 13, adj., n., v., concreted, concreting. adj. 1. constituting an actual thing or… …   Universalium

  • Concrete — This article is about the construction material. For other uses, see Concrete (disambiguation). Outer view of the Roman Pantheon, still the largest unreinforced solid concrete dome.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • hardened — adjective 1. used of persons; emotionally hardened (Freq. 1) faced a case hardened judge • Syn: ↑case hardened, ↑hard boiled • Similar to: ↑hard 2. made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment …   Useful english dictionary

  • concrete — /ˈkɒnkrit / (say konkreet), /ˈkɒŋ / (say kong ) adjective 1. constituting an actual thing or instance; real: a concrete example. 2. relating to or concerned with realities or actual instances rather than abstractions; particular as opposed to… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Concrete polishing — The art of concrete polishing is a recent innovation to the concrete industry. It is a process that was adapted from the ancient method of polishing stone.The adaption of polished concrete was first originated in the early 1990 s by an engineer… …   Wikipedia

  • hardened — i. Any structures protected against blast, shock, overpressure, radiation, and, in some cases, nuclear explosion. They may also be protected against biological and chemical warfare. Aircraft pens with a concrete embankment and a top covering are… …   Aviation dictionary

  • hardened site — A site, normally constructed under rock or concrete cover, designed to provide protection against the effects of conventional weapons. It may also be equipped to provide protection against the side effects of a nuclear attack and against a… …   Military dictionary

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